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So the day after the EU referendum a group of “centrist” politicians and prominent journalists and media figures launched a co-ordinated campaign to paint the current Labour leadership as the primary reason Britain voted to leave the EU. They branded themselves with the #FBPE hashtag and took to social media declaring two things:

Brexit is the only issue in politics


It’s all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault.

It’s widely known that this social media movement (now including other tags such as ABTV, WATO, PeoplesVote etc.) sprang from a group of Labour MPs and media professionals associated with and loyal to the previous Tony Blair Leadership of the Labour party. Their unrelenting aim is to avoid a Labour government at all costs whilst the party has a left wing leadership. The depths to which they will sink are fathomless.

These alone are reasons to object to this group but worst of all is their single-issue focus to the point of complete indifference to all other social ills, including austerity, poverty, child homelessness, universal credit, the Windrush Scandal, Grenfell, the rise of UK fascism etc. etc. If any comments are made by this group on any of these issues, it is only EVER in the context of framing the issue to attack the current Labour leadership.

The current Labour leadership ran the biggest remain campaign of all, getting more votes than all other parties combined. Corbyn led the campaign with 123 personal public appearances – many times more than any other Labour-associated MP. So it’s completely illogical to “blame” Brexit on Corbyn. Yet this is one of the most prominent messages promoted on social media about Brexit.

The irony is that this group on the one hand are set up entirely to change the EU referendum result to “Remain” but on the other hand vociferously attack the government’s opposition with the effect that by implication they enable the government to deliver it’s brexit unhindered by abstaining from key Brexit votes or even in some cases voting with the government.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of these people on twitter to try to get to the bottom of this logic but it’s pointless. These people are literally mindless. Hence I decided to start blocking them and made this colourful gif to cheer me up everytime I do. Feel free to right click-save and post it where you like!!!


Austerity vs Brexit

An ongoing series of gifs created for social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram. Designed as online billboards, the idea is to distil sometimes extremely complex political issues, data and opinion into short-form motion graphics that have a direct effect on the viewer. I try to keep the messages in motion so that the viewer can’t help but watch them to the end.


In a landscape where lives are changed for better or worse on the fickle sway of public opinion, I play my small part in helping move opinion towards making positive differences in people’s lives. The messages I create tend to challenge the mainstream media status quo and inherent hierarchy of political agendas. Mostly I trawl the internet looking for data that contradicts what we’re hearing or how the media is framing particular issues. This chart for example shows the impact on GDP of various Brexit scenarios and is widely accepted to be the most accurate prediction available. The chart below shows that Austerity policy has already had more than three times more damaging economic effect, but we rarely hear about this on MSM news outlets.


This particular Gif challenges the notion that Brexit is the biggest political issue of our time. There are powerful groups at work in mainstream media at the moment that are hell-bent on bringing Brexit to the top of the media agenda, in an attempt to divert attention from other issues and to portray the left as indifferent to the hardships it may bring. It’s when I see this agenda setting and herding behaviour by MSM that I feel compelled to challenge it however I can.


There are many pockets of resistance  to this media whitewash actively engaged at the moment, an organisation I have particular respect for is Media Lens. Check out their website and catch up on twitter @medialens

Open your eyes & don’t be herded by the MSM. Good luck ; )


Channel 4 News Analysis

After watching a Channel 4 News interview I was so appalled by the blatant use of Neuro Linguistic Programming and devious production techniques, I just had to break it down and show people how these news programs can skew interviews and relay their own political agendas over and above the messages that their guests are there to relay. Sometimes politicians can find themselves in a “Media Hijack” situation, this is an example of just that. Even though it’s well known that there is a certain amount of media hostility towards the current Labour Leader, I doubt that NEC member Claudia Webbe was prepared for this level of abuse from Channel 4 News and the host Cathy Newman.

I have some experience producing and directing live broadcast TV and I can tell you with certainty that every trick in the book is used in this piece to discredit Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of The Labour Party. Whatever your politics, you need to watch all news analytically to understand just what these people are ramming down your throat. Reading between the lines is not just a text based thing!

If you’re ever invited for interview, here’s an insightful piece written by @attaphia (twitter name) in response to my analysis video above.

See more on Vimeo:

Corbyn policy gifs

I made an animatable Corbyn figure – here’s some policies. Download and post them where you like. Free no catches.


National Education Service

A National Education Service will provide free access to education for life, whether it’s a skill needed for work, a Degree Course or just self development, Labour acknowledges the importance of universal access to education regardless of social status or financial wealth.

National Education Service


Minimum Wage extended to School Leavers

A reasonable minimum wage will encourage young people to find jobs and fosters enthusiasm and self-worth. Recent studies have found that low paid work not only creates poverty but makes it impossible to get out of poverty, it becomes a downward spiral. Trying to afford rising rents, utilities, food and travel with low wages and insecure employment is impossible. Millions in the UK are suffering from this and it doesn’t have to be this way. £10 per hour isn’t a massive increase but it equates to a realistic route out of this vicious circle.

Minimum Wage From 16

Climate Emergency

The fact we’re in a climate emergency is widely known now. Tackling this will mean developing whole new industries, skills and research. This means a boost for the economy and lots of new jobs!

Climate Crisis

The Rise of Fascism

Whilst the media and the political commentariat have spent the last three years struggling to come to terms with a left-leaning Labour leadership whose policies put people first, the far right has been given a free pass and allowed to propagate and flourish. Legitimate platforms on BBC and other mainstream broadcasters have regularly been given to Nazi sympathisers such as Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon. These are dangerous times, these issues need addressing urgently.


Foreign Policy

It’s often thought that Corbyn being anti-war means Labour wouldn’t defend the UK and would wind-down our armed forces. This is a misconception – Labour is committed to maintaining and increasing military funding and development. The difference will be that armed conflict will become a last resort, diplomacy and negotiations can achieve far more than any war. There will be no more pre-emptive strikes or wars for oil. Britain will become a force for peace  and diplomacy under a Labour government.

Foreign Policy

Housing Crisis

Tackling Britain’s housing crisis: Homelessness is up by 50% since 2010, rough sleeping has doubled, and 120,000 children are without a home to call their own. Everyone deserves a home. Labour will end homelessness. It’s unacceptable that in the fifth richest country on earth we have 120,000 homeless children.

Housing Crisis

Free Bus Travel

On launching this policy Jeremy Corbyn said: “Young people deserve a break. Nearly eight years of Tory austerity have hit their incomes, their chance to buy a house and their career opportunities. On average, children, young people and households with children each have less disposable income than working-age households without children. Young people also tend to be in lower paid, more insecure work, and they spend a higher proportion of their income on travel. Giving them free bus travel will make a huge difference to their lives.”

Free Bus Travel





CLP visuals

Designed for my local CLP, this 3D animated Flag was made using Cinema 4D and After Effects. The design on the flag features a graphic I made of “The Tin Man” – a huge steel sculpture of a Coal Miner installed on the traffic island at Brownhills! For the workers! For the Many!!

JC4PM Flags

I just love watching these 3D animated flags waving in the breeze – mesmerising! I believe in equality and human rights, I cant stand the oppression of one group by another. I hope humans can live in peace one day.






Vote Labour

As we near the culmination of the failure of Theresa May’s Brexit Deal negotiations (the vote on the deal), rumours abound that a General Election is near. Currently the main argument seems to be that we should somehow “Stop Brexit” because that’s more important than changing the government. I disagree. So does B.A. It’s high time the A Team saved the day!

stay woke austerity


BA Labour 2

Political Gifs

The political landscape of the UK has undergone some seismic changes over the past couple of years, its been hard work following the ins and outs- I made these along the way as a kind of bizarre political history diary. Some time-specific, some still relevant. You can download and use these where you like. (Right click-save).








Labour Antisemitism