An ongoing series of gifs created for social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram. Designed as online billboards, the idea is to distil sometimes extremely complex political issues, data and opinion into short-form motion graphics that have a direct effect on the viewer. I try to keep the messages in motion so that the viewer can’t help but watch them to the end.


In a landscape where lives are changed for better or worse on the fickle sway of public opinion, I play my small part in helping move opinion towards making positive differences in people’s lives. The messages I create tend to challenge the mainstream media status quo and inherent hierarchy of political agendas. Mostly I trawl the internet looking for data that contradicts what we’re hearing or how the media is framing particular issues. This chart for example shows the impact on GDP of various Brexit scenarios and is widely accepted to be the most accurate prediction available. The chart below shows that Austerity policy has already had more than three times more damaging economic effect, but we rarely hear about this on MSM news outlets.


This particular Gif challenges the notion that Brexit is the biggest political issue of our time. There are powerful groups at work in mainstream media at the moment that are hell-bent on bringing Brexit to the top of the media agenda, in an attempt to divert attention from other issues and to portray the left as indifferent to the hardships it may bring. It’s when I see this agenda setting and herding behaviour by MSM that I feel compelled to challenge it however I can.


There are many pockets of resistance  to this media whitewash actively engaged at the moment, an organisation I have particular respect for is Media Lens. Check out their website and catch up on twitter @medialens

Open your eyes & don’t be herded by the MSM. Good luck ; )


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