So the day after the EU referendum a group of “centrist” politicians and prominent journalists and media figures launched a co-ordinated campaign to paint the current Labour leadership as the primary reason Britain voted to leave the EU. They branded themselves with the #FBPE hashtag and took to social media declaring two things:

Brexit is the only issue in politics


It’s all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault.

It’s widely known that this social media movement (now including other tags such as ABTV, WATO, PeoplesVote etc.) sprang from a group of Labour MPs and media professionals associated with and loyal to the previous Tony Blair Leadership of the Labour party. Their unrelenting aim is to avoid a Labour government at all costs whilst the party has a left wing leadership. The depths to which they will sink are fathomless.

These alone are reasons to object to this group but worst of all is their single-issue focus to the point of complete indifference to all other social ills, including austerity, poverty, child homelessness, universal credit, the Windrush Scandal, Grenfell, the rise of UK fascism etc. etc. If any comments are made by this group on any of these issues, it is only EVER in the context of framing the issue to attack the current Labour leadership.

The current Labour leadership ran the biggest remain campaign of all, getting more votes than all other parties combined. Corbyn led the campaign with 123 personal public appearances – many times more than any other Labour-associated MP. So it’s completely illogical to “blame” Brexit on Corbyn. Yet this is one of the most prominent messages promoted on social media about Brexit.

The irony is that this group on the one hand are set up entirely to change the EU referendum result to “Remain” but on the other hand vociferously attack the government’s opposition with the effect that by implication they enable the government to deliver it’s brexit unhindered by abstaining from key Brexit votes or even in some cases voting with the government.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of these people on twitter to try to get to the bottom of this logic but it’s pointless. These people are literally mindless. Hence I decided to start blocking them and made this colourful gif to cheer me up everytime I do. Feel free to right click-save and post it where you like!!!


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