Weapons of Mass Deception – For ‘Sightsonic’ Arts Festival (Coded Language) York 2003


I made this film / mash up shortly after the dust had settled on 9/11 and we were starting to see some of the real socio-economic effects of the ‘payback policy’ that seemed to be the focus of USA and UK foreign policy – The world was going to war (as far as we could tell) and this time it was going to cost more money than lives… For some reason we all knew it was about the money or the oil, or the power, even though we grieved collectively (and still do) for the lives that were lost in 9/11, it seemed clear that beneath the Bush/Blair rhetoric, there was a drive to use the attack as a justification for their long awaited economic enslavement and cultural hegemonic control and surveillance of the western world – which was at that time just seeing the first flush of broadband freedom that the 56k modem internet had long promised.

10 years, a number of wars and a devastating worldwide economic depression later – countless lost civil liberties, democracy’s final battle with the financial institutions now lost, the realisation of the Corporate Society (just a bad dream until then, but now almost accepted as ‘normal’) and the ensuing grand economic enslavement of generations of tax payers worldwide – all in the name of the ‘war on terror’ – I look back now and wish I didn’t understand all this. But I do. So here’s ‘Weapons of Mass Deception’ (from my personal perspective) for the history books – whatever form they take in the future.


 Aesthetics / style / mode / rationale:

I’ll write this later… it’s 1 am and am working tomorrow….. : )






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